Saturday, September 29, 2012


“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood” –(Stephen Covey)

Kinds of teachers :
·         Humorist (can tell their students by kidding or much kidding but less explanation)
·         Cruel (their purpose is to make the students brought to heel but in fact students too afraid and doesn’t enjoy the learning process)
·         Discipline (make  students on time to collect the duties but for lazy students, the dislike it)
·         Full of love (full of smile and smooth voice when the explaining the lesson)
·         Teacher with less explanation

GRADING TEACHERS, yeah maybe some people have a negative opinion for these words. They interprets, grading teachers is one of factors that made students did not respect the teachers.  BUT, it is back to the students attitude. What I have said at my title is the fifth habit which is represent the real purpose of grading teachers.

“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”, It is mean we have to know more ‘bout some one else and they will also know us more, so the rate of respect with each other will increase. Back to our topic, grade the teacher base on their characteristic means that we can more respect them base on their type. Let’s take the example, humorist teacher but less explanation or we call it “digress teacher” is modifiable constraint.  Don’t too much gives your respond in their  kidding, and put some question about your lesson between their kidding. Don’t add more story that could made the humorist teacher forget their learning process. It will make your teacher not get upset or offended.

 When you already understand ‘bout you teachers’ characteristic, you will know how stand at attention or put your attitude to face that teacher. It’s better grade the teachers because you can more respect them because you already know their habit. If you don’t know their characteristic before, you will misunderstanding with them and can not control the situation then you can not be understood by the teacher.

Understanding is not really hard when you know how  a amazing the result of understanding someone else. Grading is not always make a distance for every differences but make the differences become ONE. =)

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