Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Laptop Become Your Half Life?

Nowadays, there are so many people were seen bring their computer or laptop every where, yeah of course to do their job. Computer is very helpful, it is contains of some programs or application that make our job simpler than before. But, will it be make some people become computer addicted? This article will gives you some considerations. 

Computer may gives us solutions for our daily problems. But, the development of technology may gives us other alternative ways than bring laptop wheresoever  you put on your foot. It is too heavy and not too practice and effective right? Some industries of mobile phone already provides several application in laptop that converted into mobile phone application. Their goal are to make it simpler, practice and more airily, and we call it as android mobile phone. Web browser app to browse information, note pad to write something important, music player, and adobe reader to read “pdf” file are such of the example . 
The diagram above is the evidence that smartphone like android was dominating market.
CHEAPER than laptop is another  special quality of mobile phone. Wi-fi application in phone also make it as good as laptop when they are in browsing process. Narrower screen could reduce diseases which is harmful for our eyes and by using mobile phone also could prevent  deviations shape of vertebrate. 

Otherwise, laptop has bigger storage capacity than mobile phone. So more than a view of application can not to be converted into mobile phone application such as Microsoft word, power point, etc.  Whereas, these applications are like an important programs for a workers and also students to finish their daily job. Wider screen in laptop make the appearance (picture, words, menu, etc.) clearer  and easier to find some word by “ctrl+f”. Mini laptop like net or note book are the solutions for some people who not be up to bring a big laptop. Nevertheless, the screen not as small as mobile phone’s screen, yeah wider than it. How about the price? Absolutely cheaper than a big laptop. 

Now is your chance to decide, whether you too depend on computer or not. Maybe you can regulate the shortage of each choice and suggest your friends to choose the same way of you. Hope you choice can provide the better generation of Indonesia.  =)

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