Friday, September 21, 2012

Sale For Official

Official is the one of prestigious job in Indonesia, especially for  PRESIDENT because president has a well placed. No fewer than a thousand people fighting over this job, why? Yeah because everyone wanna get their personal income as much as they can, via this job they not only get big income but also showered with the society around their administration region. 
Become a president is a avidity for every single person. So, they will be do everything whether it’s right or bad way. BUT nowadays, become an official is easy as long as you have MONEY, like president as an example. Okay now let’s discuss about president election process in Indonesia. How far the fairness it is.
President election process in Indonesia is polymorphous. But the special stage is at the promotion stage, (huh this stage is full of conflict) ungrudgingly all candidates will gives parcel, money, T-shirt, and the other subsidize. But actually the case is not only for help the society but also as their BRIBE. Hereto, they force some society who already got the free aid to give their vote in election for the candidates who gives them the help. Yeah the society was UNDER PRESSURE to vote the candidates. Whereas, they have human right to choose everyone to be their leader and now it was happened in some region included my home city.

Serious problem in president election process is corruption. It’s not a strange word right? So familiar in Indonesian ears. The candidates who  takehold of DPR, MPR, or the other official use country’s money as their promotion budget. Because more budget provided  for promotion is equals to more opportunities to win the competition in the election. All ways were allowed for everyone who wanna get their best position. Actually, a leader is not only because position, honorary, and money, but also for make society safe and life in peace .

Every single person will do everything to reach their dream, whether it is for lead and repair their country or just for increase their income (all is about MONEY). So far election process in Indonesia haven’t fair yet. At least, the society should be free to give their vote, without pressure from the candidates’ aid.

That’s my argument about president election process in Indonesia. Are you agree with me? Or you wanna add some material? Leave your comment bellow guys. Thank you for reading this article, see you.

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