Saturday, September 29, 2012


“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood” –(Stephen Covey)

Kinds of teachers :
·         Humorist (can tell their students by kidding or much kidding but less explanation)
·         Cruel (their purpose is to make the students brought to heel but in fact students too afraid and doesn’t enjoy the learning process)
·         Discipline (make  students on time to collect the duties but for lazy students, the dislike it)
·         Full of love (full of smile and smooth voice when the explaining the lesson)
·         Teacher with less explanation

GRADING TEACHERS, yeah maybe some people have a negative opinion for these words. They interprets, grading teachers is one of factors that made students did not respect the teachers.  BUT, it is back to the students attitude. What I have said at my title is the fifth habit which is represent the real purpose of grading teachers.

“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”, It is mean we have to know more ‘bout some one else and they will also know us more, so the rate of respect with each other will increase. Back to our topic, grade the teacher base on their characteristic means that we can more respect them base on their type. Let’s take the example, humorist teacher but less explanation or we call it “digress teacher” is modifiable constraint.  Don’t too much gives your respond in their  kidding, and put some question about your lesson between their kidding. Don’t add more story that could made the humorist teacher forget their learning process. It will make your teacher not get upset or offended.

 When you already understand ‘bout you teachers’ characteristic, you will know how stand at attention or put your attitude to face that teacher. It’s better grade the teachers because you can more respect them because you already know their habit. If you don’t know their characteristic before, you will misunderstanding with them and can not control the situation then you can not be understood by the teacher.

Understanding is not really hard when you know how  a amazing the result of understanding someone else. Grading is not always make a distance for every differences but make the differences become ONE. =)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Laptop Become Your Half Life?

Nowadays, there are so many people were seen bring their computer or laptop every where, yeah of course to do their job. Computer is very helpful, it is contains of some programs or application that make our job simpler than before. But, will it be make some people become computer addicted? This article will gives you some considerations. 

Computer may gives us solutions for our daily problems. But, the development of technology may gives us other alternative ways than bring laptop wheresoever  you put on your foot. It is too heavy and not too practice and effective right? Some industries of mobile phone already provides several application in laptop that converted into mobile phone application. Their goal are to make it simpler, practice and more airily, and we call it as android mobile phone. Web browser app to browse information, note pad to write something important, music player, and adobe reader to read “pdf” file are such of the example . 
The diagram above is the evidence that smartphone like android was dominating market.
CHEAPER than laptop is another  special quality of mobile phone. Wi-fi application in phone also make it as good as laptop when they are in browsing process. Narrower screen could reduce diseases which is harmful for our eyes and by using mobile phone also could prevent  deviations shape of vertebrate. 

Otherwise, laptop has bigger storage capacity than mobile phone. So more than a view of application can not to be converted into mobile phone application such as Microsoft word, power point, etc.  Whereas, these applications are like an important programs for a workers and also students to finish their daily job. Wider screen in laptop make the appearance (picture, words, menu, etc.) clearer  and easier to find some word by “ctrl+f”. Mini laptop like net or note book are the solutions for some people who not be up to bring a big laptop. Nevertheless, the screen not as small as mobile phone’s screen, yeah wider than it. How about the price? Absolutely cheaper than a big laptop. 

Now is your chance to decide, whether you too depend on computer or not. Maybe you can regulate the shortage of each choice and suggest your friends to choose the same way of you. Hope you choice can provide the better generation of Indonesia.  =)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Slightly But Effective

HOMEWORK. Yeah, some students maybe bored to hear this word. Aren’t you? That is okay guys, I also felt so bored to hear and to do this kind of friendly word. It’s already become the one of student habits (mostly). Oh once more, it’s also become a big threat for those who doesn’t do their homework. Not allowed following the lesson and cleaning toilet are the example of the THREATS.

Whereas, teachers’ said that homework is very helpful. “The purpose of homework is to review the day’s lessons and increase understanding and to prepare for the following days lesson” they said. But, why it’s become students’ threat, although homework has good purpose for them?  Yeah.. this’s because some school doesn’t has an initiative to make a special rule about “HOMEWORK giving process” for the teachers.

Over doses in giving homework equal with ban the students to studying and reading their books. Without we realize it, some students choose to copy their friends’ answer or we call it as “CHEATING” and on top of that they ignore about the threat or punishment because they already put up about it . It happened because they were thinking that they haven’t enough time to finish  their homework, moreover they have daily exam. How can they finish a mount of homework whereas they have an exam. It was so not effective.

Slightly But Effective  is the best rule for HOMEWORK giving process for the teacher. The teachers should be turn over in mind when they give a homework to their students. Two lessons with homework in a day is very enough to imparting the homework purpose. Despitefully, students could enjoy their studying and reading process and blink at their THREAT. They can more respect with their homework and finish it by them selves because they enjoyed their homework without slackening their study time.

Hum, that’s my opinion about homework giving process. Hope someone (teacher) who read this article will think twice to give this kind of friendly word “homework” =) hehe. See you in my next article guys hope you can learn something from my article. Don’t forget to put your comment guys =)

Sale For Official

Official is the one of prestigious job in Indonesia, especially for  PRESIDENT because president has a well placed. No fewer than a thousand people fighting over this job, why? Yeah because everyone wanna get their personal income as much as they can, via this job they not only get big income but also showered with the society around their administration region. 
Become a president is a avidity for every single person. So, they will be do everything whether it’s right or bad way. BUT nowadays, become an official is easy as long as you have MONEY, like president as an example. Okay now let’s discuss about president election process in Indonesia. How far the fairness it is.
President election process in Indonesia is polymorphous. But the special stage is at the promotion stage, (huh this stage is full of conflict) ungrudgingly all candidates will gives parcel, money, T-shirt, and the other subsidize. But actually the case is not only for help the society but also as their BRIBE. Hereto, they force some society who already got the free aid to give their vote in election for the candidates who gives them the help. Yeah the society was UNDER PRESSURE to vote the candidates. Whereas, they have human right to choose everyone to be their leader and now it was happened in some region included my home city.

Serious problem in president election process is corruption. It’s not a strange word right? So familiar in Indonesian ears. The candidates who  takehold of DPR, MPR, or the other official use country’s money as their promotion budget. Because more budget provided  for promotion is equals to more opportunities to win the competition in the election. All ways were allowed for everyone who wanna get their best position. Actually, a leader is not only because position, honorary, and money, but also for make society safe and life in peace .

Every single person will do everything to reach their dream, whether it is for lead and repair their country or just for increase their income (all is about MONEY). So far election process in Indonesia haven’t fair yet. At least, the society should be free to give their vote, without pressure from the candidates’ aid.

That’s my argument about president election process in Indonesia. Are you agree with me? Or you wanna add some material? Leave your comment bellow guys. Thank you for reading this article, see you.