Friday, September 21, 2012

Slightly But Effective

HOMEWORK. Yeah, some students maybe bored to hear this word. Aren’t you? That is okay guys, I also felt so bored to hear and to do this kind of friendly word. It’s already become the one of student habits (mostly). Oh once more, it’s also become a big threat for those who doesn’t do their homework. Not allowed following the lesson and cleaning toilet are the example of the THREATS.

Whereas, teachers’ said that homework is very helpful. “The purpose of homework is to review the day’s lessons and increase understanding and to prepare for the following days lesson” they said. But, why it’s become students’ threat, although homework has good purpose for them?  Yeah.. this’s because some school doesn’t has an initiative to make a special rule about “HOMEWORK giving process” for the teachers.

Over doses in giving homework equal with ban the students to studying and reading their books. Without we realize it, some students choose to copy their friends’ answer or we call it as “CHEATING” and on top of that they ignore about the threat or punishment because they already put up about it . It happened because they were thinking that they haven’t enough time to finish  their homework, moreover they have daily exam. How can they finish a mount of homework whereas they have an exam. It was so not effective.

Slightly But Effective  is the best rule for HOMEWORK giving process for the teacher. The teachers should be turn over in mind when they give a homework to their students. Two lessons with homework in a day is very enough to imparting the homework purpose. Despitefully, students could enjoy their studying and reading process and blink at their THREAT. They can more respect with their homework and finish it by them selves because they enjoyed their homework without slackening their study time.

Hum, that’s my opinion about homework giving process. Hope someone (teacher) who read this article will think twice to give this kind of friendly word “homework” =) hehe. See you in my next article guys hope you can learn something from my article. Don’t forget to put your comment guys =)

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  1. Careful thought that homework probably will only make students cheat, that will be depends on the students themselves, right?