Saturday, November 3, 2012


“Life has 3 C’s : CHOice, CHAnce, CHAnge. You have to make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to change” -- @itslifenotes

I got the point of life from that quotation. Every choices have their imperfections, so it’s depend on how you make it match with your life then those imperfection could fulfill and coloring your tasty life. The lord of your word none other than your self. It just like when you are in a buffet restaurant where you can free to take any food there, but absolutely you will choose the food which is doesn’t make you allergy and also the most delicious food. Although it’s too hard to get it because it placed so far from you. So when you choose the life’s choices, take the one which is not crossing your mission statement and gives you the enjoyment.

The chances are spreadth like the oxygen and another gasses in the air. But sometimes, people can not see these. They just fetched with a way to get their goal even there are so many branches of the way it self. Be open to your surrounding and try every chance in front of you, never take in vain with every chances. But don’t take the wrong choices, so back to “buffet restaurant” theory, okay? Take the positive chances in your life guys.

Your great chance that you already choose will make your life change, wether it is become better or the opposite, it depends on your choices. The changeover of our life is such an important factor to running this whole life. Why? Because we need another people’s advices and opinion to repair ourselves. So after they give us those advice we need to introspection ourselves then we’ll changeover everything bad inside our life.

I never open my ears to hear another people comments, and it’s make me get further from my surrounding. But after I realized that bad effect, I try to open my ears to hear their comment. I take the one which is inspire me to be better and just ignore the bad one. Finally I could choose the chance to make the change in my life. The chance when I and my friends getting closer, I use this chance to apologize and yeah I success and they forgive me. My life suddenly change, become colorful and there are another people fulfill my tasty life. I LOVE LIFE with 3 C’s !! =D

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