Saturday, November 3, 2012


These are my photos collection. Each of them has their own message of my life. They are my light in this dark world and the buffer to make me stand on this world.

MY PARRENT, the most handsome prince is my father (TRIYONO) and the most beautiful princess is my mother(SUMARSIH). They teach me about A-B-C, smiling, say thank you, and all of thing to make me could face the life. They are the most important part of my life, I without them = garden without any  plants = ZERO.            

MY BROTHER, Fadli Sukma Pamedar.  He is elementary school student, sit on five grader. I always try and try to be better and the best, because I really wanna make my brother follow my way or maybe better than me.

MY FRIENDS  IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, yeah because I don’t have any photos in kindergarten so I directly to the elementary school. They are my friends, my close friend. Yeah they are cute, here I start to knowing each other and study how to pal up with them.

MY FRIENDS IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, they are the ones who accompany my journey when I’m getting adult. Yeah, start to knowing love =) hehehe. Naughtyness, yeah we do it together, just for fun and to make our life colorful.

I'm experiencing this right now. First picture bellow is my housemate EAGLE with my lovely Mama in this house Mrs. Diah Royani. They gives me a mount of motivation in every breath of mine.

 The second one is the picture of my lovely soul mate. We are four, Pucca-Levy-Maskur-Wahyu and we are match each other. We are not a gang but we are a group of friends who has the same character, its make us closer. 
I'm happy to be here with them. They are my halflife.

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