Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Fly In The Oinment

My last Sunday, I spend all the day in MX mall, it’s about 12 hours =D, but Im not  sopping at all. That Sunday is coincide with the closing of M-Teens school competition.  I prefer to stay stuck at MX third floor to watching band competition (there are three representatives from my school who join this competition and one of them become the first winner and best in some categories *it just intermezzo* =D), model competition and some exhibition like wall magazine exhibition, handy craft exhibition, and the last exhibition is the exhibition that boosting my idea for making this article pop out. Yeah, Entrepreneur exhibition. 

It’s around a month ago when the poster of M-Teens school competition published and posted on the announcement wall in my school. “Entrepreneur competition” when my eyes catching those words, my heart beats faster, my pupil larger, my blood vessel getting large, and suddenly I feel full..yeah my “simpatik” nerve is work at that time *alay*. But it’s naturally come to everyone who gets a hope, even less for me who haven’t join any competition along senior high.

That’s my second chance after I failed in my first chance to represent my school because the limitation of something hehe. I swear, I really wanna join this competition with my last group and big ALHAMDULILLAH I got the school approval. But can you guess what happen in the next? It was CANCELED because I’ve solocamp when I’ve to join technical meeting and the proposal making haven’t finished yet. Whereas, I already prepare everything start from the working paper till the material for making the prototype.

I lose my second chance AGAIN. Actually it doesn’t matter wether I got that chance or not, but what really matter is when I came to the M-Teens exhibition last Sunday and I see the entrepreneur exhibition. And also when Im knowing the winner actually is not too better then my group and Im sure if I WERE THE ONE OF THE PARTICIPANT at that competition I could win this competition. But God said different from what I want. Yeah because no one can guess what God want behind everything in this life but Im sure there is a lesson from this event.

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  1. guys, would you like to give me some motivation??? =(