Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Second Resolution in 2013

            Hay guys, nah this article will talk about my next resolution. The continuance of my article before, “My First Resolution in 2013”. Have you read it? So if you already read my article before, you know if in that article the resolution is about spiritual resolution, right? So for now I want to tell you my physical resolution.

            Can you guess what my the resolution is? Here the clues. As a normal teen, this resolution is needed for me. Why? Hmm, because it was become a must for a teen to having this physical character, mostly for girls. If somebody haven’t this physical character, sometime they will mocked by their friend. 

            I am sure now you could guess what I want in my second resolution (yes, because I already put a picture bellow). Yeah, it is “diet” for losing my weight. You know guys, I am a beat over weight so that’s why I really want to loose my weight by exercising, use a balance diet, and avoid snacking in the night. I start to do this resolution since a week ago.

            Has a little big body was so bad for me and make me feel uncomfortable. I never could wear cute dresses or clothes because something cute usually just for a normal size body and everything putted on my body will look so worst. Huh how a pity I am. One more, this thick body gives me a new nickname, “ndut” oh I swear I hate this nickname moreover for a teen.

           By exercising, using a balance diet, and avoid snacking in the night since a week ago, now I loose my 1 kg. I am so happy when I check it in clinic and it makes me more spirit to continue the “diet” program. Don’t worry guys, you have to know that my diet program is health because my parents keep their eyes on me. 

            I wish I could wear cute dresses or clothes and make everyone not gives me that bad nickname in the end of this year. So for you who has read this article, I put a big hope on you to give me some suggestions by leaving your comment. Thank you for reading my blog and thanks a bunch for leaving your comment. See you..

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