Monday, February 4, 2013


Talking about diversity. I choose the light house in front of my dorm and the black sky as the symbolizes of diversity, like when you are in a place which is full of people who live with the different cultures of yours. How you could keep strong and struggle with your own cultures and also how you give them the positive of yours.

I’ll tell you my own story with the diversity. 

In Junior High School, when the first time I came to school and I met new friends which are very different with my friends in elementary school. Yeah, they come from city and I just an ordinary student. My classmates in JHS are look so adult, fashionable, and they are rich family. So it’s completely new for me. 

In the first semester, I start to know them well and we have a good relationship. During the time, more diversities are appearing. I try to get my best in lessons but they are not, I don’t know why but maybe it was because they come from the rich families and not too serious in school or maybe they think that money will gives them everything they want. 

Hmm. I don’t care the reason. What I’ve to do is keep struggle in my commitment to give my best for my future and my parent but I also keep a good relationship with them. As time went by my commitment, I could make my classmates change their life principal. So they became more serious in lessons and now, they received in some favorites schools.

So guys keep shining in the darkness and make others attack your light. Thank you 

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