Saturday, January 26, 2013

My First Resolution in 2013

Welcome 2013.. nice to see you again guys. This January I will talk about my two resolutions for this year and one of them will be told by this article. The most incredible and hardest resolution (but I wish I can) is completing my obligation as a better  Moslem. You know what? Just see the picture bellow…
Nah, this is my resolution.

Become a “Hijaber” is such a must for every Moslem especially a woman Moslems. In the beginning of this year, I intend to wear veil in my daily. I swear I never think about this resolution before, it just suddenly descend upon my heart. I know using veil is not about close my “aurat”, but I’ve to keep my mouth and behavior well and those are hard enough to do. Now I’m start trying to change my behave, my way to speak, and step by step covering my “aurat” by using veil in school. 

Yes, I’m not directly total in using veil because I don’t wanna playing with that. The thing that I’ve to do now is gather to a head to become a “Hijaber”. So I will never regretting for every thing that I choose.
 Oh I have some  little bad stories. In the first week I wearing veil in school, yeah just in school and it is so hard. Especially when I see my friends with their hair, I really  wanna take my veil off. I really miss my hair and short uniform for going school. Although it is just for school.

The other story is when some one talkin’ about me behind. They said that I’m not consistent to wearing veil, I’m just playing, and so on. Moreover, they discussing me in social network. But  I don’t care, because I’m not as they mean. I’m wearing veil just for school and step by step are to train me and convincing my self so I will not take my veil off in the middle of my way and not regret with my choice =)

Okay that’s all guys, and I please you to pray for me in this resolution. Thank you, and see you in the next resolution. Bye… oh and don’t forget to leave your comment friends, I really need inspiration and opinion from you.

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