Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Second Tuesday in March

Congratulation for those who celebrate Nyepi :) 
Happy holiday
While everyone has their parent visit today,
So I have my room vacation :) J O G G I N G

Before I start a walk (Taken by Angel)
Panda wanna be? (Taken by Kak Ilun)
On a Monument Brimob (Taken by Vivy)

I am not alone, of course.
Kak Lailun Erliana,
Kak Luluk RJ,
Della Wacdatul (Angel), and
Vivy Astridtasari are with me.

Angel-Vivy-Me-Kak Ilun (Taken by Kak Luluk)
Vivy-Angel-Kak Ilun-Kak Lulu (Taken by me)
We finally found a place with the catchy scenery
on a bridge, huh.. quietly tiring us

Tired faces (Taken by Kak Ilun)
Here we have some snacks
We surprised with elementary schools' snack, Miko
Guess the price....
Only Rp 200,- and nothing has changed
The taste, the shape, and the packaging :D

Holding "Miko" (Taken by Angel)

This is it, The Old Miko Snack (Taken by Angel)
We spent about 30 minutes here
Do not forget to take a picture! :)
The narcissistic...
Dazzled (Taken by Vivy)
Blue Sky (Taken by Vivy)
T O U C H ! (Taken by Vivy)
Then we go dorm..
Dear Kak Rita Reswati and Deni Putri K,
My two roommate who can not be with us, I am so sorry I do not put any picture of you.
Yeah, because you are not here. Hehehe..
But we will have later on. Thank you.


  1. nice vacation, and a lot of nice pict. i will try to have jogging too pucca :)

  2. Thank you Azi.. yes you should,hahaha. U will also find some traditional foods there :D