Saturday, December 1, 2012



Start discussing about teens’ problem (so then include my problem), being single. Humans are naturally have their love feel in the teen-age. It commonly happens when they are 17th, having boy-girlfriends now becomes a tradition for 17th teens (it’s such a pride for them).  Now talking ‘bout my self, as a single teen (but I don’t wanna talk more weakness of being single, I don’t wanna make PUCCA regretting her fate).  

IF IM NOT SINGLE  and jump out for this crocodile-hole, maybe there is no more “homesick” word in my daily. Living in dorm needs much enjoyment and something that gives a little sweet taste in my whole bitter dorm life =). Guess!! What something that I need? Hum that’s love (and the person who giving that haha). Why? Coz I’ll cannot bear missing him when Im home, sometimes stay in dorm better (not totally hate home ya).

IF IM NOT SINGLE then I spent all my pocket denizen for paying  my phone’s credits. Calling, chatting, and messaging, they are causing financial affair haha. Now imagining in that position, ouch I’ll lose my weight coz the reducing of snacks budget for that thing hum (“miapa? -_-“). Nah, I also cant shopping so I lose my hobby. So horrible.

IF IM NOT SINGLE and my boy has big green-eyed monster, oh God Im sure he’ll not let me hanging out with my friends without his supervision =0 and one by one, they gone (Im sure no ones comfort to stay around their friends’ couple coz they cant talk head off ‘bout something private . And some day when I broke up with him then Im totally alone. Who wants? You? If yes so you’re abnormal (kidding guys) :p. 

Being single or coupled is not about your pride. Being single while your friends coupled doesn’t mean you lose your pride guys. Yeah I know being coupled bring us some happiness but open your eyes, you could stay happy without that status. Single is not always haven’t love, but your love is too expensive. So just the chosen one from God who could get your love and your heart (so sweet T_T).

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  1. Being single is your decision, Pucca. but, you should think more about it. :) Keep on good writing!